N Track Studio Suite Keygen is a powerful digital audio workstation (DAW) and music production software that provides everything you need to record, edit, mix and master professional sounding tracks right on your computer. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about using Download free N Track Studio Suite Keygen for music production.

What is Full version crack N Track Studio Suite Keygen?

N Track Studio Suite Keygen is an integrated music production environment that combines multi-track recording, MIDI sequencing, virtual instruments, mixing, and effects processing all in one DAW platform. It allows you to record both live audio and MIDI data, edit everything with sample-accurate precision, mix using a flexible console, and add high-quality effects like reverb, delay, EQ, compression, and more.

Some of the major features and capabilities of Free download N Track Studio Suite Keygen include:

  • Multi-track recording – Record up to 128 audio and MIDI tracks. Capture vocals, guitars, keyboards, drums, and more.

  • Non-destructive editing – Edit audio clips and MIDI data while preserving the original take. Comp tracks, adjust timing, pitch, dynamics.

  • Virtual instruments – Comes stocked with thousands of realistic software instruments like pianos, drums, synths, orchestral instruments.

  • Built-in mixing console – Intuitive digital mixer with level and pan controls, plugins, routing options.

  • Effects plugins – 100+ high-quality effects like reverb, delay, distortion, compressor, and more to polish mixes.

  • MIDI sequencing and editing – Piano roll editor, score editor, controller automation for powerful MIDI editing.

  • Audio editing tools – Quickly comp vocal takes, correct pitch, restore noisy recordings, and more with the built-in audio editor.

  • Automation – Automate level, pan, mute, plugins, and other parameters for detailed mix automation.

N Track Studio Suite Keygen caters to both beginners getting started as well as experienced professional producers and engineers. It works well for recording and producing all genres of music from rock to pop to hip-hop.

N Track Studio Suite Keygen

N Track Studio Suite Keygen Versions and Editions

N Track Studio Suite Keygen comes in 3 different versions – Pro, Standard, and Lite. Here’s a quick comparison of what each offers:

Feature Pro Standard Lite
Max Audio Tracks Unlimited 128 32
Max MIDI Tracks Unlimited 128 32
Virtual Instruments 60+ 30+ 10+
Effects Plugins 100+ 60+ 30+
Audio Editing Tools Full suite Limited tools Basic tools
Automation Lanes Unlimited 8 per track 2 per track
Price $399 $199 $99

The Pro version has unlimited track counts, the full arsenal of pro features, and the most instruments and effects. It’s built for professional music production.

The Standard version still has powerful mixing, MIDI, and virtual instruments perfect for singer-songwriters and home studios.

Lite is best for beginners on a budget, with basic multi-track recording and editing capabilities.

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Key Features and Capabilities

Now let’s dive deeper into N Track Studio’s core recording, editing, mixing, and production features:

Multi-Track Recording

The foundation of any DAW is multi-track recording – laying down multiple audio tracks that make up a song. N Track Studio Suite Keygen has flexible track routing so you can:

  • Record vocals on Track 1 and acoustic guitar on Track 2 simultaneously.

  • Route electric guitar amp sim to Tracks 3-4 for stereo recording.

  • Capture live drums across 8 tracks – kick, snare, toms, overheads.

With Pro you get unlimited track counts. Standard supports up to 128 tracks, while Lite maxes out at 32 tracks.

Mixing Console

The built-in mixing console has everything you need to get pro-sounding mixes:

  • Volume faders – Set track levels and balance your mix.

  • Panning – Position each element in the stereo field.

  • Mute, solo, record enable buttons – Essential mixing tools.

  • Insert effects slots – Load EQ, compressors, more on every channel.

  • Sends – Route audio to shared effect buses like reverb.

Virtual Instruments

N Track Studio Suite Keygen comes loaded with thousands of realistic software instruments for every style of music:

  • Drums – Acoustic and electronic drum kits.

  • Pianos – Grands, uprights, electric keys with tons of articulations.

  • Orchestral – Strings, brass, woodwinds, and more.

  • Guitars – Acoustics, electrics, and basses.

  • Synths – Analog, digital, FM, modular and other synthesized sounds.

You can record MIDI data to trigger these instruments just like a real band.

Effects Plugins

N Track also includes a huge library of studio effects to polish your mixes:

  • Reverbs – Rooms, halls, plates, and specialty reverbs.

  • Delays – Tape, stereo, ping-pong, reverse and other delay effects.

  • EQs – Graphic and parametric EQs for surgical tone shaping.

  • Compressors – VCA, optical, tube, bus compressors and more for dynamics control.

  • Distortion – Amp sims, tape saturation, lo-fi, and other distortions.

Mix and match insert and send effects to craft your sound.

MIDI Editing

For those working with MIDI recordings, N Track offers deep editing tools:

  • Piano roll editor – Graphically edit MIDI note pitch, length, velocity and more.

  • Score editor – Notation style MIDI editing.

  • Controller automation – Draw in MIDI CC messages for parameter changes.

Quantize, transpose, apply MIDI effects and really refine your sequenced parts.

Audio Editing

N Track’s sample editor provides precision audio editing tools:

  • Trim, timestretch, pitch shift single clips or entire tracks.

  • Quick comps – Stitch together the best takes of vocals or instruments.

  • Restore old recordings or fix timing with elastic audio.

  • Remove background noise, clicks/pops, and fix poor room sound.

It’s perfect for polish rough recordings.


Transform your static mixes into dynamic ones with parameter automation:

  • Volume – Automate fader levels over time for changes in dynamics.

  • Pan – Pan a sound from left to right and back again.

  • Mute – temporally mute a track like a gate effect.

  • Plugins – Automate the settings on any plugin over time.

Draw in automation or record it live by tweaking controls during playback.

N Track Studio Suite Keygen Workflow and Interface

Now let’s explore how to navigate N Track Studio’s intuitive interface:

Main Screens

The main screens you’ll work in include:

  • Edit – This oversees all tracks and edits. Record, arrange parts, comp takes here.

  • Mix – The full mixing console. Balance, process, and polish the mix.

  • Project – Manage project files, preferences, properties.

Easily switch between screens to record, edit, and mix.

Track View

This shows all your tracks horizontally, both audio and MIDI. View and edit parts here. Insert virtual instruments and effects on tracks.

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Mixer View

This vertical mixing console shows channel strips for each track. Control volumes, panning, solos. Add insert effects per track.


Easily browse and search all instruments, effects presets, samples. Drag and drop them quickly into projects.

Customizable Layout

Resize, show/hide, and rearrange all elements like tracks, browsers, inspectors. Set up your ideal workflow layout.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Learning the shortcuts will speed up your workflow. Many actions can be performed faster compared to mousing around.

Recording in Free download N Track Studio Suite Keygen

Let’s go through the recording process in Full version crack N Track Studio Suite Keygen:

Audio Interface Setup

First, set up your audio interface inputs to receive sound – microphones, guitars, keyboards. Use ASIO drivers for low latency.

Create Tracks

Create either audio or MIDI tracks. Set input types – line, mic, instrument. Arm record enable.

Recording Audio

Hit record and tracks will start capturing audio in real time. Record vocals, guitars, drums and more.

Recording MIDI

Arm MIDI tracks to capture MIDI input from controllers. Or use Draw mode to mouse in MIDI notes and data.

Punch In/Out

Use punch in/out to precisely start/stop recording within a take, fixing mistakes on the fly.

Takes Comping

Record multiple takes to nail the perfect performance. Compile the best parts of each into a master take.

N Track Studio Suite Keygen

Pitch Editing

Fix slightly out of tune vocals, guitars and more using N Track’s pitch correction and tuning capabilities. Dial in perfect pitch.

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