The Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key plugin for Adobe After Effects is an incredibly powerful tool for adding realistic depth and dimension to ordinary 2D footage and motion graphics. This plugin uses advanced analysis techniques to generate depth maps from 2D images and video, which can then drive realistic depth effects like depth blur, depth haze, depth matte, and camera projection. With Depth Scanner, ordinary flat footage can be transformed into pseudo-3D scenes in just a few clicks.

What is Free download Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key?

Aescripts Depth Scanner Download free is an After Effects plugin created by aescripts + aeplugins, known for making tools that enhance workflows for motion graphics artists and videographers.

Depth Scanner Serial key utilizes parallax, depth-aware effects, and depth mapping to convert 2D images, video, and even motion graphics from After Effects into 3D looking footage with enhanced depth and realism. This depth information brings new life and dimension to flat, ordinary footage in a way that would be extremely difficult to achieve manually.

Key Features and Tools in Depth Scanner:

  • Depth Mapping Tools – Generate depth maps to establish distance and depth queues for footage. Tools include Depth Matte and Depth of Field.

  • Camera Projection – Add simulated 3D camera movement to footage using the generated depth map. Creates parallax and perspective.

  • Depth Blur – Creates optical blur effects on footage that are based on the depth information for a realistic depth of field look.

  • Depth Haze/Fog – Using depth, applies atmospheric haze or fog that increases realistically into the distance.

  • Depth Matte – Converts the grayscale depth map into a solid alpha matte to isolate foreground elements.

  • Custom Depth Matte Creation – Manually fine tune depth selection using spline and plane based depth matte generation.

Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key

How Does Full version crack Depth Scanner Work?

Depth Scanner Serial key analyzes ordinary 2D footage layer by layer to generate a depth map, which is a grayscale image representing the scene’s depth based on parallax and position of objects. White areas of the depth map represent surfaces closest to the camera, while black areas are farthest from the camera position.

This depth information is then used to drive effects like depth haze and depth blur in a realistic way, since the plugin knows how far away each part of the scene is from the camera. The depth map tells Depth Scanner precisely how to apply the depth effects based on the distance and depth of each element.

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Creating a Depth Map for Your Footage

  1. Import your 2D footage into an After Effects project. This can be still images, video clips, or motion graphics comps.

  2. Apply the Depth Scanner effect to the footage layer to analyze.

  3. Use the Depth Scanner interface to analyze the footage, generating an initial depth map.

  4. Further refine and adjust the depth map using the various depth editing tools.

  5. Modify depth selection with spline tools, depth matte, and planes.

  6. Export the final depth map when adjusted as desired.

Applying Depth Effects to Your Scene

Once you have a depth map generated for your 2D footage layer, you can begin applying realistic depth effects:

  • Use tools like Depth Haze and Depth Blur with adjustable intensity and depth range controls.

  • Animate depth effect properties over time for added realism.

  • Apply depth pass tools for advanced adjustments like surface normals.

  • Combine depth with 3D camera moves for parallax effects.

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Use Cases and Results of Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key

There are many use cases where Full version crack Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key can be applied to take ordinary 2D footage to the next level:

  • Convert still photos into pseudo-3D animation with added depth.

  • Add convincing dimensional effects like depth fog to flat green screen footage.

  • Integrate 2D elements into 3D scenes with realistic interaction and depth blur.

  • Mimic the look of depth sensors and LIDAR scans.

  • Bring life and atmosphere to mundane After Effects motion graphics.

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Real Customer Review:

“I tested out Depth Scanner on some drone footage of mountain landscapes. The realistic depth haze effect it added transformed my flat aerial footage into a much more cinematic and photoreal scene. Now my landscape videos pop with depth and scale.”

Aescripts Depth Scanner Serial key


In summary, Aescripts Depth Scanner Free download is an invaluable plugin for adding true depth and realistic effects to ordinary 2D footage in After Effects. It saves huge amounts of manual effort by analyzing scenes to generate depth maps automatically. The depth-aware effects bring a new sense of immersion and realism through true depth-based blur, haze, and camera moves. Any motion designer working with combining 2D and 3D elements should give Depth Scanner a try on their next project.

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